You can contact a support representative at any time.


Yes, most likely. Greatess will work with all modern smartphones and other devices such as your desktop, laptop, tablet or e-readers with built-in web browsers.

Most probably! Greatess supports all up-to-date common browsers like: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 8 or greater, and the following Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Linux.

Of course! Contact our technical support and they will help you as soon as they can - usually in 24 hours. A more detailed description of your problem will get a faster response.

Yes! All our content is dynamic. So feel free to listen to music or an audiobook on any of your devices with access to a web browser.

Your best bet is to contact our support team. They will help you out within 48 hours.

Greatess' support team will help you. Fill in the contact form and the team will answer within 48 hours.

Contact our support team. We strive to respond within 24 hours for all technical complaints. Include details such as device, browser, book and operating system.


Cancellations can be made any time. Once cancelled, you get to keep access during the period for which you have already paid.

Simply fill out the online cancellation form or call a live representative at 1-888-239-5891.

Yes! All you need is an internet connection to access Greatess.

If the cancellation did not go through, you need to speak to one of our live representatives 1-888-239-5891. As soon as you successfully cancel your membership, there should be no further charges.

Policy for refunds:

a) If you had technical issues, were hacked or we charged you by accident you will get refunded.
b) If you did not get the experience Greatess promised, you might get a refund. To speak to live support, please call 1-888-239-5891. Please read our Terms of Service for the full description of our refund policy.

Refund Status Update:
Expect a confirmation email within 24 hours. Please wait another 7 days after the refund has been issued for the funds to appear in your account. To speak to live support call 1-888-239-5891.

We are constantly adding new content to Greatess' library. Our team is very hard at work, and if you want something specific added please contact us!